Online Training

Welcome to LiFT Live! Train with us online and experience the benefits of Strength Training.  We have developed our regular gym programming to be able to give you the LiFT experience at home.

  • We focus on creating strong bodies. Our programs are designed for all fitness levels and feature techniques that target your body for maximum results in a short space of time.
  • LiFT live sessions are FREE. Part of the LiFT philosophy is that we are Stronger Together. We see training as essential in people’s daily lives and we want to make sure that anyone that chooses to, has the ability to get structured, interactive and safe workouts. Training is not just about the physical. Mentally we know people need it, so we believe that to provide a free service is the right thing to do.
  • We don’t do cardio! Resistance training has been proven to provide exceptional results and burn calories after your workout. More so than if you did a cardio session for the same time. We also care about impact and the damage it does to your joints over time. We minimise impact ensuring you are safe every time you train.
  • We run live sessions at 8am 6 days per week.  All sessions are designed to increase strength and last for 20-30 minutes.  Sessions are all recorded so don’t stress, you can always catch up.
  • We provide online Pilates sessions each week. Awesome for building core strength, balance and flexibility. A must for everyone!
  • We recommend that you check with your physician before starting any exercise routine to ensure that it is safe to do so.
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