We’ve partnered with Nude Nutrients.  These guys are awesome!  They have taken protein to the next level with their Bio Activation product.  What’s more LiFT Members can get exclusive discounts.  Head to for more info.  Input the coupon code lift241 at checkout for a buy one get one free offer.  Offer only available until 12th October so be quick!

Here’s some info from the Nude guys…

Proteins are made up of Amino Acids, and there is this one particular Amino Acid called Proline that is found in protein powders – and it’s also in many foods we eat.

The way proline is connected/bonded to other amino acids in their peptide groups, prevents the peptide from breaking down during digestion.

We humans simply lack the enzymes to digest or break down the peptides containing proline.

As a result we can miss up to 40% of the nutrients in the food or protein powder we are consuming!

Nature’s Solution

We discovered that, if we mix in a special enzyme derived from a blend of ginger species, we can break down these proline-rich peptides.

Who knew? Mother-nature had the answer all along!

And this is what Bio-activation is all about.

It’s about making our products – and anything they are mixed with, more Bio-available to help unlock up to 40% more nutrition whilst improving your gut health at the same time.

That’s why bio-activation matters, and that’s what makes Nude Nutrients so unique.

Nude Nutrients