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You will receive;

  • Body Composition Scans pre and post 42 days
  • Strength Tests pre and post 42 days
  • Pre and post postural assessment from MyOsteo
  • Meal plan and nutritional consult from Nirvana Life
  • Goal set session with Peak State Personal Coaching
  • Discounted blood analysis with Lahlita Naturopathy
  • Humble Protein 1kg Pack
  • Exclusive LiFT42DAYS shirt
  • Entry to Challenge Party
  • Chance to win $500 cash

Total value over $300*

Why do the challenge?

What gets measured gets results

If you are serious about getting results then you have to measure.  We measure you at the start and at the end;

Girth – Chest, waist, hips, thighs

Body composition – Muscle, fat, water

Strength – Deadlift, squat, bench press


Everyone has their own reasons.  The 42 days primarily supports sustainable strength gain and fat loss.  However for many it is simply the starting point of creating positive changes in their lifestyle.  This may be starting an exercise routine or learning to eat better.  We work with you on your goals and support you in achieving them.

We love balance

We believe challenges are about creating lasting lifestyle changes that lead to healthier, happier people.  Creating lifestyle change can be tricky so we take a holistic approach to support you every step of the way.  

Not your normal fitness challenge 

Most challenges create a result that for many is unfortunately not sustainable.  The resulting yo-yo effect can often leave challengers in a worse off position than when they began.  Our team specialise in helping you achieve long term lasting change.  Your results don’t stop at the conclusion of the 42 days.  This is merely the end of the beginning and we will continue to be there with you as you progress.

A holistic approach

We work with an external team of health and wellness professionals to give you a holistic experience during the challenge.  These specialists support you in areas of;

  • Nutrition 
  • Naturopathy
  • Mindset
  • Recovery

Celebrate with us

At the end of the challenge we will be celebrating! Come and share in some laughs and cheers to see how far everyone has come.  We recognise the achievements and have some awesome prizes to give away!

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*LiFT Membership required in addition to challenge entry fee.

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