Own a LiFT Franchise: Embark on a Fitness Business Journey

Interested in owning a LiFT Strength and Conditioning studio?

LiFT Strength and Conditioning is built on latest trend in the group training community.

Our sessions are built on the scientific principles of increasing lean muscle mass and reducing body fat for the long term. We use numerous strength training methodologies in a small group training format, delivered by specialist accredited coaches to create a unique fitness experience giving unparalleled results.

Owning a LiFT studio will put you at the forefront of the latest fitness industry growth trends. Our simplistic approach to studio set up and operations means that you can achieve a highly successful industry leading fitness business with low start up capital and high ROI.

We have developed and refined the LiFT Strength Training System over the last 3 years and have already begun the delivery of our national expansion plan.

The LiFT model lends itself to individual high calibre studio owner operators as well as commercially astute investors. Industry experience is highly beneficial but of equal importance are individual values. We are a values based organisation and want to make certain that you are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you.

As a LiFT studio owner we will give you an end to end structure, system and formula providing you with all that you need to get started and operate a successful business. As an owner you can simply focus on delivering a world leading member experience.

You will get

  • Access to the exclusive LiFT Training System
  • A turn key opportunity from as low as $150,000* investment
  • A proven model that is cash flow positive upon opening**
  • A potential ROI of 12-24 months***
  • A unique fast growing brand that will lead the future of small group fitness training
  • Support from highly experienced industry professionals in all areas of business operations
  • To be a part of a community that genuinely changes peoples lives and that members are proud to be apart of

Why choose a LiFT Strength and Conditioning Studio?


We know the challenges of starting a new business and driving it to be successful. We have a team of experts on hand that can guide you through all areas of the business from site selection to multi site management. You will start with our very own custom in house training program
that will give you the foundations of LiFT operations as well as delivering the LiFT experience. Following the initial training you can expect ongoing face to face and online learning and support to make sure you have what you need to get the results you want.


Our values define who we are. They keep us focused on what is important and ensure that we continue to keep our members at the forefront of what we do. Being a part of LiFT is not about being an owner or member. It is a lifestyle choice.


The average start up capital for a group fitness studio can easily be in excess of $250,000. In many cases there are ongoing lease costs for equipment that also need to be factored in. The simplistic set up of a LiFT studio negates the need for costly equipment. Add to that the footprint of a studio being as little as 120sqm, you have a highly cost effective model. LiFT studios can be set up from as little as $150,000* resulting in a low barrier to entry model with broad appeal.


LiFT is not purely strength training. We support owners in creating community hubs that access a network of health and wellness professionals. Your studio will become the place of community, knowledge and results. We recruit people who believe what we believe. Passion is everything.


Change is good. Fitness is a billion dollar industry and there have been and always will be clear changes and shifts in direction and consumer choice. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has seen huge growth in recent years but the market is changing. The group fitness user of today demands more. They want sustainable results. They want longevity. They want to be a part of something bigger. They want to be strong. HIIT brands are fundamentally one in the same. LiFT goes against the grain, follows the consumer’s wants and is backed by science.

Would you like to know more about becoming a LiFT Studio owner?  Please fill in the below form and one of the LiFT team will be in touch soon.