We love Monday! Take control of your week by starting with this ripper full body STRENGTH session. T.G.I.M is all about progressive OVERLOAD and post exhaustion SUPERSETS to achieve MAXIMUM muscle activation and fatigue. T.G.I.M increases strength and builds muscle tone. Be the boss of your Monday.


FIRE UP is the ultimate in MUSCULAR ENDURANCE! The workout will set a fire in every muscle, even in those you didn’t know you had! Feel your heart race as you experience this INTENSE WEIGHTS session. Don’t count on resting… FIRE UP and embrace the burn!


Find your inner athlete! OLYMPIAN utilises olympic style lifting techniques to increase STRENGTH, gain lean muscle mass and smash excess body fat. OLYMPIAN delivers through ISOLATION and COMPOUND supersets. Experience a combination of bench press, squats and deadlifts as well as body weight BURNOUTS and CORE strength exercises. Get strong.. Go for GOLD!


Back to the OLD SCHOOL methods of simple Strength Training.  Perform THE CLASSIC movements; Bench press, Deadlift, Squat and Overhead press.  Work to your MAX! THE CLASSIC focuses on a combination of COMPOUND exercises using HEAVY weights, low reps and high VOLUME for amazing results.  Load up and get ready to LiFT!


Unleash the POWER within! POWERHOUSE targets every major MUSCLE group in the body. Perform multiple exercises with time restricted rest. Rev up the INTENSITY by remaining in constant motion and double down by WORKING the same body part in different ways. The result? HUGE calorie burns, FULL muscle fatigue and amazing EPOC – you’ll build muscle AND burn fat while you sleep!


Boom! Start the weekend with the ultimate in HYBRID training. X-TRAIN is the killer session that you’ll love to hate. A mix of all strength disciplines with some cardio bursts for maximum fatigue. WARNING – this session will give you serious results! Each session gives you the chance to measure your progress. What gets measured gets results – yeeeeeew!

LiFT.Ed session

Come and get the low down on safe lifting techniques at LiFT.Ed. In this education session we will show you how to perform each exercise correctly and how to achieve maximum benefits from each workout. A must do!